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When you need to stay open but are suffering from ‘no-shows’

If you are suffering from ‘no-shows’ then we might be able to help you. Studies show that if visitors book by phone, 50% of them will not turn up – but if they book through an app then they do show up. And, even if they do a no-show, you can try and still engage with them by offering a click and collect service.

With our business partner Swoope, we can get your business back on track. If you have a brick and mortar establishment then you need to comply with the new safety guidelines and also have a complimentary online ‘shop’. This allows your clients to have the freedom of choice. They can either visit your establishment (safely of course) or they can still view your products (or menus) online and enable them to buy, get them delivered, or have a click and collect service.

The good news is, we can get you started quickly, so you can start taking online orders.

Safe entry and order system for hospitality premises

To stay in line with the new government guidelines, you will have to make sure your customers can be socially distanced and safe, while you still operate in a viable way. Our app can be your new entry and order system, the perfect solution.

Customers must book a time slot for them and their guests to gain safe entry into your premises

Customers can order food and drink directly from their table via their smartphone

You can set a price for peak times / sporting events to help with cashflow

You can easily market upcoming events or announcements to your customers

No apps to download

What You Get

Integrated marketing tools and loyalty program to help you reach new and existing customers with personalised messages.

Order tracking & Management

Unlimited products list and easy Inventory and stock management from the back office

Full reports & stock control

Informative data dashboards & live revenue reporting – see how your business is performing live anytime anywhere

Click and Collect Available

Tracked Home Delivery

FREE Software & FREE Set-Up

Or call 03332 400822

Or call 03332 400822

Restaurants, Pubs, Butchers, Bakeries, Sandwich Shops, Fruit & Veg Stalls
can all benefit from this service

Integrated payments 

Upfront cost: FREE (Software & Set-Up)

Installable App to keep on top of orders

QR code technology for instant access if you wish

Free hosting 

No existing website required

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